NWFE- Northwest Fisheries Enhancement-

To Create a Sustainable Culture of Salmon Fisheries Enhancement, Fishing Opportunities and a Positive Economic and Environmental Impact!

NWFE directions;

  • Strengthen or Build Community Fisheries Organizations (CFOs) to help improve Salmon and Steelhead returns to the rivers they are vested in. The most effective Fisheries Enhancement entities and programs today are CFOs!
  • Build Public/ Private Partnerships that offer Hatchery owners Competitive management options without relying too heavily on the government. Meeting responsible and modern practices for Hatchery options and Wild/ Natural Origin Salmon and Steelhead management.
  • Funding Development towards Salmon, Steelhead and Trout Fisheries Enhancement.
  • Bring seasoned fisheries, business, finance, public personnel and executives with a passion for fisheries enhancement in our waters of the Northwest to develop or strengthen programs to ensure and increase the Salmon return rate and their survival.

NWFE will, with your support and under these directions, impact Salmon and Steelhead runs/ returns to your rivers and streams of the Northwest!