NWFE / PacifiCorp Lewis River project: A & R.

IMG_3637 (1)

PacifiCorp contracted NWFE for Hatcheries Assessment with recommendations for their Lewis River Facilities; the Lewis Salmon Hatchery, Merwin Steelhead and Trout Hatchery and their Speelyai Hatchery. 

NWFE put together onsite visits and assessments by  seasoned fisheries people in Hatchery Operations & Management, Design, Fish Health, Broodstock, Incubation, Hatch, rearing and more.


Megan Sorby Msc , Tom Sorby Msc, Sean Nepper Bsc, Jeff Hudson, Chris Vandenberg J.D., Dr Hugh Mitchell MS, DVM and Larry Pryor. 


Plans, SA/ Settlement Agreement, documents, hatchery operations reports, HSRG, HGMPs, history, SARs / Smolt to Adult Returns and Columbia River SARs comparisons, modern products and practices were reviewed within the assessments and recommendations.  NWFE B.D.s, A.B.s, Staff, seasoned Fisheries, Business, finance, public personnel and fisheries enhancement executives, assessed/ reviewed and provided detailed recommendations to strengthen PacifiCorp’s Lewis River Hatchery programs.

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