400,000 Triploid Rainbow going into Riffe Lake

400,000 Triploid Rainbow Trout planting into Riffe Lake

NWFE assisted Cooke Aquaculture Pacific and Tacoma Power in planting these quality 400,000+ Triploid Rainbow Trout.

Cooke Pacific had raised these fish in their modern Recirculating Aquaculture System (RAS) hatchery, they were bound for net pens to be grown for commercial table food but are now in Riffe Lake for fishermen to catch and put on their table!

Cooke Pacific due to regulatory permitting delays had these high quality- Rufus Woods stock triploid rainbows grown when notified of another delay and a dilemma of what now to do with them. NWFE assisted Cooke, we notified many groups in the Northwest who may have a stocking needs for their fishermen.

NWFE has a long history with Tacoma Power and PacifiCorp on several projects and offered these to them, logistically Tacoma Power and their Riffe lake project really worked nicely. Cooke transported and their going into the lake now. Cooke Aquaculture Pacific had over $500,000 invested in these fish, this is a great gesture on their part.

Fisherman on Riffe Lake will have a great opportunity now, these are at catch-able 6″ length now, but Triploids grow fast and should be trophy catches very soon. These 400,000 Rainbows are from the same stock as Rufus Woods fish and are sure to grow fast, catches of over five or more pounds will be seen soon. There will be some happy fisherman on Riffe Lake soon thanks to the commitment of Cooke Aquaculture Pacific, Tacoma Power and NWFE!

Jim Parsons – G.M. at Cooke Aquaculture Pacific handling the stocking tube himself, and all day. All the Cooke Aquaculture people were Great in these plantings, From Doug the production manager, staff and truck drivers at the Cooke Skatter Creek Hatchery to Corporate Cooke offices. Everyone that will fish Riffe lake should thank them, we do from NWFE!

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